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Popularity doesn't always equal quality but at Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's, we're the exception to the rule. Many in North York have chosen us as their dry cleaning provider for good reason - we always deliver a consistent, flawless service.

The simple explanation is simple - we care about what we do. Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's was not created to make a quick buck. Instead, from the beginning we've wanted to offer a valuable dry cleaning service that is truly what our neighbors want.

From start to finish, all of our dry cleaning services in North York follow the principle of taking care of our customers. If we wouldn't treat our clothes or items in the same manner, then you can bet it won't be done to yours.

The Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's brand of dry cleaning is exactly what the doctor ordered. Drop by our North York facility or call 416-781-7894 to learn more.

Our Services

A Perfect Clean for High-Value Clothes

Advanced dry cleaning technology preserves your clothing's original appearance.Our cleaning services are available for most materials. Look to the below for our primary services.

Your favorite clothing pieces deserve more than a rough machine cycle - they need the gentle touch of Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's's state of the art dry cleaning process. We'll get rid of the stains and dirt while still preserving the condition of your clothes.

Your favorite clothing pieces deserve more than a rough machine cycle - they need the gentle touch of Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's's state of the art dry cleaning process. We'll get rid of the stains and dirt while still preserving the condition of your clothes.

While some people complain about the high cost of dry cleaning in North York, Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's offers an affordable alternative. Our dry cleaning services fit within most budgets and offer a premium blend of quality cleaning, convenience, and zero risk or worry about damage caused by standard washing machines.

Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's is capable of handling all types of dry cleaning, from daily business suits to wedding gowns and everything that falls in the middle. Regardless of which specific items you give us to clean, the staff at our North York facility will make sure that your dry cleaning receives the utmost care and detailed attention.

Call 416-781-7894 to find out more about Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's dry cleaning prices and availability in North York.

They may be overlooked, but cleaning your drapery, bedspreads, and comforters can make a major difference, both in the appearance of your space as well as your personal comfort. Our washing services are the perfect answer for dusty drapes and linens.

Whether you're in the middle of a deep spring cleaning or just taking care of everyday business, we're ready to handle those difficult-to-wash drapes and bedding. As North York's leading fabric cleaners, Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's's ability extends to a wide range of materials, sizes, and shapes.

Most people think about cleaning their drapes or linens as simply about keeping a great appearance, but the truth is that regular comforter or bedspread washing also helps to reduce germs, pet dander, and bacteria in your North York property. Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's drapes and linen cleaning services will make your location a healthier place to be.

If you're unsure how Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's can help with your drapes, bedspreads, and comforters cleaning in North York, contact us by email or phone.

Exquisite rugs are a great way to decorate your interior North York space, but stains and dirt can make even the best looking rug be an eyesore rather than a feature. However, Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's's flawless rug cleaning service will have it looking as good as new.

While a treasured rug may truly be a work of art, it's also meant to be used. As such, it's only natural that normal wear will eventually start to show.

Vacuuming your rugs is a good idea for regular care, but when you want to get rid of more than just surface dirt, Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's rug cleaning in North York is the answer. Our non-intrusive cleaning process gets rid of deep stains, ground-in grime, and other blemishes.

The reason why Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's is the right choice for your rug cleaning needs in North York is simple and relates to our whole philosophy of doing business - take the time to do it right and our customers will appreciate the difference.

For a North York rug cleaning that brings a new luster to your floor coverings, call Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's at 416-781-7894.

From fur to fatigues and leather to lumpy pillows, Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's is your local partner for cleaning services to fit every need. Our special materials cleaning will utilize a safe and effective process to protect your item while providing a deeper level of clean.

Because many of your high-value clothing and personal items may have non-standard materials, Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's understands the challenge that cleaning them can bring. Our facility is fully equipped with the products, equipment, and talented staff necessary to handle your items with care.

At Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's, we believe that stunning suede and luxurious leather's appearance should match it's often high price. To maintain a flawless look and preserve its life, we'll use our hallmark techniques as well as safe cleaning solutions to have your item back to you not only in one piece, but in one great-looking piece.

To get a free quote for your special materials cleaning in North York, send Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's an email and we'll respond quickly with a fair and honest price.

Like designer clothing and many other things, soft toys can be extremely valuable, but only as long as their condition stays good as well. At Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's, our goal is to make sure your precious plush or beloved teddy bear is never in jeopardy while being routinely cleaned.

In taking responsibility for the cleaning of your soft toys, you can rest assured that our North York team will take every appropriate measure to keep your toy's safety a high priority at all points during the cleaning process. Using a delicate but effective touch, we'll test every product on similar materials before applying it to your item and always utilize non-abrasive techniques.

In North York, Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's is knows as a company that cares. With every job we do, we're confident that our superior customer service and proficient technical ability will shine through, earning your future business the next time your soft toys need a cleaning service. Ask other collectors in the area and you'll discover that we're the preferred choice among soft toy aficionados.

For a more detailed explanation of how Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's can clean your soft toys, call 416-781-7894 or simply bring it by our North York location.

Doing laundry may not be your idea of a good time, but Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's can at least make it as painless as possible. Our regular laundry service in North York ensures you'll always have fresh, clean clothes ready when you need them and not left stuck in a hamper.

With an easy and convenient drop-off location in North York, you'll find that getting your laundry done professionally is possible in your own backyard. After leaving your clothes with Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's, we'll immediately start the cleaning process, incorporating dry cleaning and other special services as requested. In just a short time, your laundry will be ready to be picked up.

Other North York laundry providers might cut corners with inferior detergent, but Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's knows how vast the difference can be with lesser products. Because we value your comfort as well as your business, you can count on us to only use high-quality ingredients in our washing process.

Call Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's today at 416-781-7894 and learn just how much time you can save with our premier laundry services.

Finding a perfect fit may not be easy, but with Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's it doesn't need to be. Our expert tailors are capable of even complex alterations and restorations to make your new and used clothing truly fit like a glove.

Whether you're having trouble fitting into your jeans or need to restore a fire-damaged wedding gown back to its former glory, Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's in North York is here to help with a full suite of clothing alteration and restoration services, including taking in, letting out, mending rips or tears, and repairing damage caused by fire, water, smoke, or other concerns.

Our alteration and restoration services are available for all types of clothing, including dresses, suits, pants, shirts, and more. In addition, we're not limited by material and are happy to work on everything from luscious silk to hard leather and denim and all points in between.

If you're tired of clothes that don't fit, call Gentle Lee's Dry Cleaner's at 416-781-7894 in North York and let us fix the problem.

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